Youth Faith Formation

Youth Faith Formation

While community is essential to people of faith, here are a few ideas to continue faith formation at home.  We can do these together as a faith community while we are physically separate.  I am hoping to provide ideas that don't require worksheets or more screen time, just a few things our families can incorporate into their lives.


Prayer is so important in practicing our faith.  Together the children and catechists work to learn our Catholic prayers, both their meaning and the significance they have in our lives.   Click here to view a copy of the prayers we have worked on in our Faith Formation program.  

Lather up with the Lord's Prayer

Now that we've all become expert hand washers, instead of singing "Happy Birthday" to ensure our scrubbing time we could offer up an "Our Father" for all those effected by COVID19.  Pray the "Our Father" as you scrub those hands and then when you've finished go ahead and bless yourself with that squeaky clean right hand!  You might also try a couple of "Hail Mary's", An Act of Contrition or The Creed.

The Bells of St.Patrick

Father Frank has joined the greater East Hampton community by ringing bells every night at 7pm.  He rings the bells of St. Patrick Church which more commonly summon us to Mass.  If you're not already doing so consider joining in the bell ringing.  


Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross are a wonderful Lenten tradition for families and individuals.  We are most accustomed to a priest leading the prayer in the church on Friday evenings during Lent.  However, the stations can be prayed at anytime.  It is a great opportunity to reflect on Christ's passion and sacrifice for us.  Here are some suggestions:

Thank you to Molly Bickford for this great idea.  As the weather gets warmer and Holy Week approaches we have the opportunity to pray the Stations of the Cross outdoors.  St. Bridget Church, our partner in the St. John Paul II Community has beautiful outdoor stations located right next to the church.  You can download a booklet at  for your family.  Please use your best social distancing manners if there are others praying.  Thanks again Molly for this wonderful idea!

For those of you who prefer booklets for the traditional (St. Augustine) stations are available in both churches which remain open each day until dusk.  And please remember there should never be more than 10 people in the church and everyone should be at least 6 feet apart.  

Finally, for those families practicing very strict social distancing there are still ways to pray the stations of the cross in your home.  There are several resources at  


Finding God

One of my favorite activities to do with the children, especially our youngest ones if having them draw a picture of where they found God today.  Most of the time they have found God in their mom or in their lunch!  Since God is present in everything, the next time you take a walk ask your children to try to find God and then discuss where He was for each member of your group.

Jelly Bean Prayer

I usually send this prayer home with the children at the last class before Easter.  It is a way of remembering the true meaning of Easter and having a sweet treat.  Enjoy!


I'm sorry the links to the external websites don't work yet - I'm trying to fix it!  Thank you for your patience!!