Called to Life...for Life


Catholic social justice is part of our heritage.  We are called to cultivate relationships with all of God's creation and act with love and compassion and against the social sin of injustice.  All social issues are intertwined and cannot be reduced to a single issue.  Therefore, we must promote an awareness of social injustices and support positive actions in these areas. " We cannot be called truly 'Catholic' unless we hear and heed the Church's call to serve those in need and work for justice and peace."(USCCB, Communities of Salt and Light, 1992)


We bare witness to the Gospel and answer our Baptismal call to

discipleship as we integrate these seven areas of Catholic teachings into our lives. Specifically, they are:

. Life and dignity of the human person

. Call to family, community and participation

. Rights and responsibilities

. Option for the poor and vulnerable

. Dignity of work and rights of workers

. Solidarity

. Care for God's creation, the world in which we live


In the  weeks and months ahead we will continue to provide information on these themes and offer various opportunities to gain a greater understanding of these issues and to grow in our relationships with one another, creation and all of God's people.